Thursday, June 3, 2010

Empty garden

VIDEO: Managing a machine-vision company can require the skills of a good gardener, notably one who nourishes new growth

Editor's Note: Watch the video version of editor Andy Wilson's "My View" blog, where you'll get Andy's unique take on what's buzzing through the machine-vision marketplace or just what's been buzzing through his mind lately. You can also read Andy's "My View" as seen in the May issue of Vision Systems Design.

As many of our readers are well aware, I was not born in the United States. In fact, I was born in a sleepy village in the county of Bedfordshire, England. To check the ties that bind, I often visit my wayward twin brother Dave. Being the potential management type, I duly inspect how my brother is keeping his house and his half-an-acre garden.

Since I only visit a few times a year, it always appears that the garden is little changed.

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