Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bad shoes

VIDEO: With the aid of machine vision, long-term product testing strategies are essential to ensure that only the highest quality goods reach the market.

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Hobbling around trade shows is very wearying, especially on the feet and connecting appendages. I should know. I have attended many such events and due to a lack of exercise -- coupled with my love of Dunhill International cigarettes -- have often been laid up in bed for days afterward. After one event my boss, Conard Holton, noticed that it was perhaps my poor choice of footwear that may be contributing to my condition. After months of procrastinating, I went to my local shoe store and found a rather nice pair of very inexpensive shoes. Even my boss had to admire how smart I looked.

This year, I realized that the early recognition of a potential problem was not confined just to my shoes but to the shoes of one of the world’s greatest car manufacturers.

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