Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Men at Work

VIDEO: Rather than wasting energy battling over code, machine-vision software makers would do better to take a lesson in sampling from the music industry...

Editor's Note: Watch the video version of editor Andy Wilson's "My View" blog, where you'll get Andy's unique take on what's buzzing through the machine-vision marketplace or just what's been buzzing through his mind lately. You can also read Andy's "My View" as seen in the August issue of Vision Systems Design.

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Janne said...

Traditional machine vision software vendors have competed against each other by adding more and more complete libraries in same package. Although it's nice that all are including, the counterpoint is that you have to pay for something you find useless.

As you told, one solution might be selling image analysis sw in smaller packages. Surely we'll see this business model increasing. However, every application developer need different variation of needed CV methods and vendors hardly find packages like -this size fits 'em all.(Isn't this just what they try now?) Selling every methods, some just couple lines of code, may not even cover it's transaction cost.

Personally, I found open source models coming more and more attractive even dominating in the long run. Developing of Machine Vision Application becomes cheaper while you have not to pay runtimes and extra licenses for different operating systems. Altough you may have to publish your code it will not hurt your end-customer business while the customers get the highest warranty of continuing support (source code) and still they wouldn't like or can't build applications by themself.

How about then competitors? Aren't they get to know what you are doing? Yes, but if you really think that your strongest competitive advantage is your ability to use widely used development tools from global SW vendor you are fooled.

If you are adding you value by coding then you'll buy commercial license of open source development tool for proprietary developing. Then, but only then, you are back in loop but because of open source paradigm behind, the licence prices should be more convinient.