Monday, January 4, 2010

Take a bow

Editor's Note: Watch the video version of editor Andy Wilson's "My View" blog, where you'll get Andy's unique take on what's buzzing through the machine-vision marketplace or just what's been buzzing through his mind lately. You can also read Andy's "My View" as seen in the December issue of Vision Systems Design.

America's Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) encompasses radio and television stations that transmit some of the finest programming in the country. Before tuning in to the Fox News channel to hear biased right-wing reporting (while at the same time having a few laughs), I always check whether my local public station is broadcasting something more important.

One night, I tuned into a concert by Hector Berlioz called the Symphonie Fantastique being broadcast on WGBH in Boston. Conducting the orchestra was a certain Michael Tilson Thomas, an American conductor, pianist, and composer who is currently musical director of the San Francisco Symphony. (Watch the video below.)

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