Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bitter about Twitter

Editor's Note: Watch the video version of editor Andy Wilson's "My View" blog, where you'll get Andy's unique take on what's buzzing through the machine-vision marketplace or just what's been buzzing through his mind lately. You can also read Andy's "My View" as seen in the current issue of Vision Systems Design.

Before the age of information technology, the employees of many companies drove to work and, upon arriving, often spent half an hour gathered around the water cooler to hear the latest company gossip and scandal before retiring into separate walled offices to work. That is where socializing ended. (watch video below.)

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PaintbyNumbers said...

I think posting 'beets' to is a great idea! (Burger King owns

"The economy sucks!"
"My robot is dumb..."
"Slashdot is down. What am I going to do during lunch?!"

Call me a 'beetnick'